The Component Development Kit (CDK)
version 3.11
for the THRSim11

© Alex van Rooijen, Bart Grootendorst, Patrick Koorevaar, and Harry Broeders.

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THRSim11 is a Windows95/98/NT program that simulates the Motorola 68HC11A8 microcontroller. Using this CDK you can develop your own components using Borland C++, C++ Builder, gcc (Dev-C++ or Visual C++. You can then connect these components to the (simulated) 68HC11 controller. There are already a lot of components developed using this CDK see:


Download the complete CDK including all documentation and sources. You should create a subdirectory CDK in the \Program Files\THRSim11\ directory and unzip this file there.


For comments and/or suggestions: